Huthwaite negotiation quiz

Which of the following do you think are differences that we found between skilled and average negotiators in our research?

1. Skilled negotiators are more likely to tell the other side what they are thinking and feeling.

2. Skilled negotiators spend more time getting ready for a negotiation

3. Skilled negotiators use fewer arguments when trying to persuade the other side

4. Skilled negotiators make more use of common ground

5. Skilled negotiators avoid responding immediately to proposals from the other side

6. Skilled negotiators will say "No" straightaway

7. Skilled negotiators focus on getting items agreed one-by-one

8. Skilled negotiators spend twice as much time confirming their understanding of the other side's thinking and proposals

9. Skilled negotiators ask far more questions

10. Skilled negotiators consider how much power they and the other side have and how they will use it